dg Anti-Fraud Consultants Ltd is a new and dynamic Company seeking to deliver a professional training service in the fields of Fraud and both Public and Private Sector Corruption.

With established expertise and practitioner skills we are in a position to identify and assist with the recognition of the ever present threat of Fraud and potential weaknesses within systems that could be the target for such activity. We are specialists in the field of disruption advice, target hardening as well as being able to implement specific training on these subject to all levels of management and the workforce through structured workshops.

We can provide specialist input on Fraud Management, Corporate Governance, Company Fraud Health Check procedures and Proceeds of Crime. We also advise on the implementation of appropriate control strategies specific to identified needs.

David M J Graves

MA (Fraud Management), CRO, MInstLM


Through already having a long established relationship “dg Anti-Fraud Consultants Ltd” is continuing to work alongside Professor Alan Doig of Teesside University Business School Fraud Management Department to produce fraud management training to police officers, both nationally and to overseas students.


In order that we can offer all its customers the most up to date and complete training service on the market, the company has formed a collaborative working relationship with the following associate partners:

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